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FAQs & Shipping
  1. What is the difference between DynaCorp Auctions and traditional auctions?
    DynaCorp is a professional online auctioneer that hosts event-based auctions. Unlike a traditional auction, which generally occurs at a specific location, all bids and auction events at DynaCorp take place via our online system. Unlike many auctioneers, DynaCorp also has competitively priced assets for sale which customers can conveniently purchase directly via our Assets for Sale.

    In traditional auctions, bidders are frequently required to attend the inspection process and stay throughout the day for the auction event, which can be time-consuming and tedious. At DynaCorp, however, bidding usually begins weeks in advance of the event closing. We also provide an open house or inspection period a few days beforehand or allow buyers the convenience of viewing items for sale through our convenient online catalog. These methods enable bidders the flexibility to participate in their own time and at their own pace.

    DynaCorp is a full-service online auctioneer, working with major corporations, government entities, small businesses, and private individuals. Unlike our competitors, we both purchase goods directly from customers or take goods on consignment. We also auction our own corporate surplus in order to maintain a consistent flow of assets. Additionally, unlike our competitors, Dynacorp offers services tailored for private individuals with a small volume of items to sell. We strongly believe that every sale is of equal importance, no matter what the total value of the assets. This is why we take items on consignment and offer variable rates based on the type of sale.

  2. How do I register on the DynaCorp site?
    You must register on our site in order to bid on items. Individual auction events have their own respective policies and conditions that you must review and meet before beginning the bidding process.

    Registration is FREE. Yet, we authorize your debit/credit card for a fully-refundable free of $1.00(One Dollar) to verify the validity of your card. Per our policy, this authorization expires immediately after the event is over.

    According to our Privacy Policy, DynaCorp Auctions never shares your e-mail address or other personal information. DynaCorp Auctions reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or reschedule the sale or timing of items and events.

  3. How do I make a payment?

    Auction Payments

    You can pay for items via the credit card registered on your online account. We accept all major credit cards. Winning bidders will receive email notification with a detailed description of the item. Since our auctions are online events, our primary method of payment is by credit card. For normal items, winning bids will be automatically charged to the card on file in your online account. For larger items, such as property, cars, etc, we do accept wire transfers rather than credit cards, though we advise that you contact a Customer Service representative to make arrangements. Once payment has been made, our convenient system will automatically send a receipt to the email address registered in your online account.

    Assets for Sale Payments
    If you want to purchase larger assets for sale via our website, you log into your account and pay with the credit card with which you registered. For larger items, you can pay with wire transfer. For credit card purchases, the process is the same as if you were paying for an individual auction purchase, as detailed above.

  4. What if I forget my ID and/or password?
    If you forget your Bidder ID and/or password, go to My Account. In the “Forgot Bidder ID or Password” box, enter the email address you used to register your account. Your Bidder ID and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

  5. How can I be notified of items for sale?
    The best way to find out about upcoming events and items for sale is to check our newsletter. You do not need to register as a DynaCorp Auctions user, just simply join our mailing list. If you register as a DynaCorp Auctions user on our site, you will be automatically added to our mailing list and will receive the newsletter regularly. You also can follow our blog and find our calendar and an updated list of items for sale on our Facebook page. While you’re there, please “like” us!

  6. How do I file a dispute?
    If you believe that an error has occurred with your transaction, contact our Customer Service team immediately and we will work with you to fix the situation. It generally is possible to fix an erroneous bid before an event closing. However, no amendments can be made after the auction has closed, so try to contact us at your earliest convenience.

    Yet, any buyer who attempts to rescind a credit card transaction after an auction has closed without first contacting Customer Service will be banned from participating in future auction events. Our Customer Service team is here to assist you Monday - Friday, 9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m (EST).

  7. What is a max bid?
    A max bid or maximum bid is a convenient feature of our online auction system. It allows you to keep your bid competitive without constantly needing to monitor the event. When you’re ready to enter your bid, choose the maximum price that you’re willing to pay for a selected item. Once bidding begins, the max bid feature will make bids for you, only raising your bid as necessary to keep your bid competitive. This convenient feature increases your chances of winning without having to keep raising the bid yourself. It also is helpful when bidding on multiple items or large inventories.

  8. How do I know if I've won the auction?
    After the event has closed, you will receive a detailed email from DynaCorp with a description of the item purchased and your automatic payment receipt.

  9. How can I cancel a bid?
    You cannot remove or delete a bid once it has been placed in the event that you change your mind. Your confirmed bid is a contract with DynaCorp that indicates your agreement to purchase the item if you have the winning bid.

  10. Is there a buyers premium?
    Yes, there is a 15% buyer’s premium for each purchase. The buyer’s premium is a fee paid by the bidder to DynaCorp Auctions.

  11. What is a buyer’s premium?
    A buyer’s premium is a standard auctioneering fee. In addition to your final bid price, you will be charged a buyer’s premium of 15% for every item on which you place a bid, unless noted otherwise in event terms and conditions.

  12. Why am I being charged sales tax?
    For events that take place in Virginia, you will be charged Virginia sales tax, except in the event that you send us appropriate tax-exemption forms in advance of the event closing. If an event takes place in another location outside Virginia, tax rates may apply for that particular state.

    Tax-exemption forms must be submitted per event and must be accompanied by your bidder number and the posted event closing date. Please note that forms without this information cannot be processed. Click here to download a tax-exemption form.

  13. Are there any guarantees on the merchandise?
    DynaCorp does not provide guarantees or warrantees on merchandise. All items are sold as is; and all sales are final. Before bidding on an item, please review our online catalog carefully or plan to attend an open house to inspect items thoroughly.

    We do our best to provide accurate representations of items through clear photographs and concise descriptions. If you cannot attend an open house session, be sure to study our catalog thoroughly. For any item of interest, be sure to read descriptions carefully and pay close attention to the details provided in the photos. While we do not provide warranties, we guarantee that products in our catalog are accurately represented. However, if you find that an item you purchased is not in the condition listed in the catalog, we will refund or exchange your item within 48 hours.

  14. Does DynaCorp Auctions offer shipping arrangements?
    DynaCorp offers shipping via a third-party shipping vendor by request. The buyer is responsible for all related expenses and must contact our Customer Service team in order to request shipping for their items after each and every auction. We primarily use UPS and USPS for all our shipping arrangements and will package the item & drop off the shipments to the nearest UPS/USPS location. Handling costs will be involved for shipping preparation of your item(s). Once items are released, either to winning bidder or to a third party, such as a moving/shipping company, DynaCorp Auctions does not assume any liability and will not be held responsible for damages, loss and/or missing parts. Insuring your goods with the shipping company is highly encouraged, so you can increase your chances of a partial or total refund by them, however, all claims must be made by the buyer and directly through the shipping company. Shipping charges will be automatically processed to your credit card on file.