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It’s always exciting to get the latest electronic gadgets and devices. However, you should exercise caution when getting rid of your old electronic equipment. Disposing of TVs, computers, and other electronics in landfills can cause serious environmental and health risks. As old electronic equipment degrades in landfills, toxic substances, such as lead and mercury, can enter into our soil and water supply at dangerously high levels. Indeed, according to the EPA, consumer electronics equipment comprises nearly 2% of the municipal solid waste stream and is steadily rising.

Dynacorp Auctions supports keeping electronic equipment out of landfills in order to protect our health and our planet. For this reason, we have created a new Sustainability program to encourage recycling of old and used electronic equipment. We recycle items like batteries, old computers, and other electronic equipment and do not dump anything off at landfills. We also give scrap materials to local companies that refurbish, repair, and recycle them.

As a part of this new program, we encourage our clients to recycle and reuse electronic equipment. If you are interested in disposing of old or used electronic devices, please contact our Customer Service team, who can help direct you to suitable local facilities to donate or recycle your materials.

Additionally, Dynacorp Auctions actively participates in corporate social responsibility. As a regional and national auctioneer, we nevertheless believe in the importance giving back to our community and encouraging social awareness. For this reason, Dynacorp donates 5% of proceeds from asset sales to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.